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Is there such thing as “Free and Easy Service”?

Free and Easy Real Estate Service in Guam

Yes, Guam Realty Finder’s services are free for Buyers and Renters looking for house, land, apartment, condo, townhome, multi-complex, commercial space, or business. Here is how our free and easy service works

  1. Finding properties – Select properties you like on our easy to use webpage, or let us know what you are looking for and we’ll select properties you may like.
  2. See the properties – We pick you up (or meet you) to take you to see your selected properties.
  3. Decide on a property – You decide on a property you like, and let us know.
  4. After we move you in, the Landlord pays us a commission. So our services are completely free and easy for you (the Buyer/Renter).

House Finding Tip

Using other real estate agents (besides us)- is ok!   As a consumer, it is your choice to go with any Guam REALTOR you want, but please be aware:

  • On Guam, all REALTORS are members of the same Association(we work together).
  • Every REALTOR has access to the same List of properties on the Guam MLS.
  • That means that we can take you to see any properties on the Listing.

If you see a property you like with a “For Rent” or “For Sale” sign from another Real Estate Agency in front of it, just tell us about it, and we can take you to see it.

We do ask, it you are happy with our service, stick with us throughout the process as our
time and expenses are only compensated by closing a deal for you.


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