Financing Info

Can I get financing to buy a property on Guam?

It depends on your finances and the property you want to buy. Banks/credit unions have to review your finances to make sure you have enough money to pay for the fees and monthly payments, and make sure the property meets the banks requirements. You may want to get prequalified 1st before you start your house search. Ask us for help

What does it mean to get prequalified?

Getting prequalified is like getting a quote for a mortgage at a bank (or a credit union). Its usually free and gives you an idea of maximum loan amount, monthly payment, and closing fees. Ask us for help

Can Guam Realty Finder help me with financing?

Yes, we can help you to find the right bank(or credit union) on Guam for you and help through the buying process as well. Banks(and credit union) require a lot of documents for you, the property. Think of us as a tour guide helping you deal with the bank, appraiser, survey, escrow, title, etc. Ask us for help

How much will the bank lend me to buy a home on Guam?

There are a variety of things that the bank considers, but typically the banks(or credit union) on Guam will lend you 100%(VA loan), 95%(conventional loan with PMI), or 80%(conventional loan) depending on your income and debts, and the property as well. Ask us for help

Which bank is the best on Guam?

It depends on the type of financing you and the property qualify. Besides the interest rates, there are the loan fees, the quickness, and the service you have to consider. We can guide you to the right bank for your needs. Ask us for help

Is it possible to get owner financing when buying a property on Guam?

Owner financing is not too common on Guam, as owners are usually selling because they need cash. A loan through a bank or credit union is the most straightforward way to purchase a property on Guam. It is usually the better option. Ask us for help