Military Rentals

Is the rental process for a military member receiving OHA different from normal rentals on Guam?

Yes, there are a few extra steps. Mainly the requirements for the Unaccompanied Base Housing Office. They require additional inspection and additional paperwork. We help quite a few military members so we got the process down. Ask us for help

Do all the houses and condos on Guam meet the military rental requirements?

Most places that are priced around the military OHA allotment do meet the military housing requirements. But each place has to be inspected before you move in. The housing office inspects to meet their guidelines for safety, cleanliness, and everything working. We can help you find the right place. Ask us for help

Can Guam Realty Finder help me coordinate the housing inspection?

Yes, we can assist in coordinating the inspection for Air Force, Navy, Coast Guard, Marines, or Army. We have the required paperwork and can coordinate inspections for military members with the housing office. Ask us for help