For rental houses, are pets allowed?

Most landlords of rental houses allow pets with an additional pet deposit. As many rental houses are owned by private owners(not rental companies), each landlord may have a slightly different pet policy. We can help you find a pet friendly property. Ask us for help

Are pets allowed at condos, apartments and townhouses?

All condos, apartments, and townhouses have a building pet policy in addition to the individual unit owner’s pet policy. In recent days, many buildings do not accept pets, but there are some that accept smaller pets. We can help you find a pet friendly place for you and your pet. Ask us for help

For rental properties, is there any additional fees for pets?

Yes, most rental properties will have a 1 time pet deposit in addition to the standard Security Deposit. The pet deposit usually ranges from $200 to $500 per pet. Pet deposits are usually refundable as long as there is no damages, odor and the place is clean. There are some places that don’t have pet deposit. Ask us for help

What type of pets are allowed on Guam?

Dogs and cats are usually allowed. But for other pets, you may have to inquire. Ask us for help