Renting Info

How much do I need to move into a rental on Guam?

On Guam, most rental places require 1st month rent(prorated) and security deposit(equal to 1 month rent). This is the standard requirement for most rentals on Guam for all price ranges. Ask us for help

Do I need anything else besides the money to move into a rental on Guam?

Yes, usually landlords will require, application form and ID. In addition landlords may require check stubs and employment verification. Ask us for help

I’m a military member receiving OHA, is the rental process different for me on Guam?

Yes, it is a bit different. There is additional paperwork, and additional inspection with the Military Housing Office. We have military rental specialist ready to help. Ask us for help

What should be the 1st step in looking for a rental on Guam?

You have 2 options, you can look through our website for properties and contact us. Or you can just contact us to help you find a property. Ask us for help